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Welcome dear Themco - Member!

How long AlertPay / MH Pillars / Patel has been embezzled our money ??


frown    Almost 5 years!   frown


Although Themco Admistration has tried everything to get the money free - there is no success on the legal level so far ..!


The initiator of the Protection4U club has now made a special deal for us.


For many, this approach is very strange - for others it is logical and well known.


If a group of people making a "concerted action" (also called intentional mental orientation, directly or indirectly), there exist hundreds of scientifically proven results.  *(see samples below)


And these results do have "significance"!
This means that the chance is excluded and the effect is clearly demonstrated.


Each member of the Protection4U club has experienced this several times personally.


Now we, the AlertPay injured are faced with the following question:


Is positive outcome of the efforts of Themco worth  to invest mentally and with a small amount once again?


The operator of this site has made the offer:

Instead of € 99, ​​- per month  for only USD 5.- monthly to work for us with its technology! (read more on the main page about it)

For Themco members a special program will be launched separately. Direct be targeted: AlertPay and consorts.

However, at least 100 Themco members should subscribe - for appr. 1 year, may be less..!


Step 1:

To achieve this goal, please answer the short poll.  (see below - thanks)

It allows us to decide whether enough people will sign up for this project.


Step 2:

Once you understand that this support for the Themco Administration takes place on "hyperdimensional" level, please subscribe below.
We will then take the targeting with multiple components.
To do this we need some kind of "address" from you.
We use a personalised QR-code, which is equipped with content of your person, but still remains unreadable - anonymity is guaranteed!


Step 3:

After your subscription you'll be automatically redirected to a page that tells you in a few steps how you create these personalized QR code.
This is almost everything!
Send your QR code via email to us - and print out a copy for you.


* for more information about this topic please visit:




- all topic are fascinating! Don`t forget to come back!



And now:

Please start with the poll below -  many thanks


Are you interested in the manner described above, to get our money back?

pollcode.com free polls


 People with a common purpose move a lot!


If you like to subscribe now to this special program

please use the PayPal button below:



After your subscription you'll be automatically redirected to a page that tells you in a few steps how you create your personalized QR code and send it to us.







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