Welcome Themco Member !


Congratulations for your decision to support the work of the Themco team using this new method!

 People with a common purpose move a lot!


Now please create your personalized QR code in a few steps

For your convenience please print this page as PDF


Lets start:  


Step 1

please open this site:



Step 2

where it says: "Hello, I am a QR-Code!" write your Name and birthdate.

Click on the button "Update QR-Code-Image"

"The Code is most probably readable" it says above the Code


Step 3

Now we will anonymize the code:

Copy this random text below and paste it under your birthdate:


Now it says:

QR-Code may not be readable!



Step 4

Go to the next step (2): "Format Your QR-Code Appearance"

Click on "Databits" and format like shown in this picture:

Colour: 009900

Shape: Square


Now click on "Overlay text"

 Please copy the PayPal - ID  (transaction code) you got via email when subscribed

and paste into the box  (delete this part: https://www.paypal.com/de/vst/id= )

just leave the number like shown below

Put the Font on Arial   and  the Colour to 006600  (dark green)


Great! Only a few steps left...

Now click on Step 3 "Save your Code"

Set Image type to JPEG and Image Size to 200 pixels

like shown below.


The appearance of your personalised QR-Code should now look like this:

(after you`ve pressed the button: "Update QR-Code Image")


Please click on "Download QR-Code Image"

and safe your Code f.i. in the "Downloads" file  (remember where it is been safed!)

you will find the image like that:


Please rename the image file.

Copy the PayPal transaction number again out of the box "Overlay Text" (see above)

then left click the "DotNet_Generated_Qr-Code" file and click "Rename"

Paste the number as the new name of the image file:


Thats it !!


Step 5

Now please email this file as an attachment to:





What are we doing with your personalized (but anonymous) QR-Code?


As described on the main page, we create a mirror situation.
Since you are an injured person has to suffer under the fraud (attack) of AlertPay / MH Pillars / Patel these are now the target.
Our work is to obtain a special program upright. Until these guys think it's better we give the money free!
Those will learn in one form or another from our "concerted action".
We do not attack - we simply mirror the negative energy multiplied back!
It will take some time - but the pressure on the fraudsters is growing daily! And they will feel it PERSONALLY and can not prevent it. Until the funds are released ...

 You can support this process. Look at the code once a day and think or speak: "all fraud is mirrored"






Here you can unsubscribe after we succeeded:
















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